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Manuscript Submissions

Submission Criteria

If you'd like to publish a book with us, please read the submission criteria below. 

Please note: we appreciate your submissions, but we are not able to send back any manuscripts or materials, mainly because of the volumes we receive. 

We try not to be too prescriptive, but here are some basics: We prefer hard copy submissions, printed on white A4 paper and on one side only. Double spacing is preferred as it is easiest to read. Pages should be numbered and it helps to insert the title of your manuscript at the top of each page as header.

Please do not send sole original copies of manuscripts as we cannot be held responsible for their return.

Also include the following:

  • A covering letter containing an outline of the contents and the target market
  • A short author biography

Please target your submission to the imprint that you think is most likely to publish your manuscript. Browse bookshops or libraries for a clear idea of what each imprint publishes.

Submissions can be sent to:

PO Box 5050
Cape Town


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